For more information on EMDR:

EMDR International Association

National Library of Medicine archives:

American Psychological Association:

For more information about CPT

American Psychological Association:

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health:

Podcasts and Videos

Somnology (sleep):

Dolorology (chronic pain):

Attention-Deficit Neuropsychology (ADHD):

Stop Ignoring Mental & Emotional Health with Dr. Lucy McBride:

Last Week Tonight: Mental Health in America:

Books on various mental health topics:

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

Driven to Distraction by Edward Halloway and John Ratey

The Chronic Pain Workbook by Rachel Zoffness, PhD

For immediate help managing a mental health crisis

Colorado Crisis Hotline: 1-844-493-8255

National Suicide and Crisis Hotline (call and/or text): 988

Call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room

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