Clinical Supervision

Good supervision is so much more than simply chatting with and bouncing treatment ideas off another therapist. I offer individual clinical supervision to both provisionally licensed therapists (LPCCs) as well as fully licensed therapists.

As someone who has been practicing therapy for over a decade, I understand the benefits of good supervision as well as the downfalls that come from poor supervision. What you can expect from clinical supervision with me:

-To gain confidence around Colorado’s mental health laws, ethics, and standards of practice through in-depth discussions of these areas

-To uncover, examine, and clarify your therapeutic orientation and style

-To learn or enhance your note-taking and treatment planning skills; creating clinical documentation that will be acceptable to insurance companies

-Increased awareness of cultural aspects in counseling 

-Case conceptualization and treatment planning

-Guidance around and templates for various clinical and non-clinical requests such as 504 accommodation requests, diagnosis, school accommodation and absence notes, etc.

-Building and maintaining a thriving and equitable private practice

-Identifying and implementing reliable self care strategies

-An advocate and support as you navigate your way through the complex world of practicing therapy

Fees are $125 per hour and supervision may be done either in-person or virtually.

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