What qualifies as “trauma”? Can my child or I be suffering from the effects of trauma even if we’ve never physically been hurt?

Any adverse (negative) event that an individual has experienced, either firsthand or secondhand, can be traumatic and cause difficulties in our day to day lives. Often times, people tend to think of trauma only as something that happens to our bodies, like a car crash or physical abuse, but trauma can be much more than that.

Is there a specific client age or type that you work primarily with?

I do work primarily with pre-teens, teenagers, college students, and young professionals of any gender and orientation.

Does Foothills Vista offer substance abuse, anger management, offense-specific, or domestic abuse specific treatments?

I do not offer these specific types of treatment but am happy to refer to providers that do!

Do you offer diagnostic evaluations and mental health assessments for court?

Yes I do! I have several years of experience in providing these types of assessments and can conduct the evaluation as well as write up the report to submit to your probation officer, caseworker, GAL, etc.

Can I use my insurance to pay for therapy?

It depends! I am currently in-network with Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare, Optum, Cigna, Humana, and Aetna. For any other insurer, I will happily provide receipts and insurance claims for you to be reimbursed. Please check with your insurance to make sure you have out-of-network benefits.

Can I have a free consultation?

Absolutely! I offer a free 15-minute consultation over the phone so that you are able to decide if I will be a good fit for you/your family.

What does therapy in Denver generally cost?

Rates for an individual 45-50 minute counseling session in Denver range from $100 to $150.

Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for therapy at Foothills Vista?

Yes, you can use your HSA. An HSA is a special tax-free account that can be used to pay for medical or health services. Usually you will have a debit card linked that this account, and I will gladly accept an HSA card.

Do you offer evening and/or weekend appointments?

Yes, I offer both evening and weekend appoints to better accommodate kids’ school and parents’ work schedules. Please contact me to determine which days and times are available.

Who can I call if I am seriously worried about the safety of myself or someone else?

If you are concerned about the imminent safety of someone close to you or for your own safety, please call 911 or head to your nearest emergency room!

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